7 Tips to Inspire and Motivate Your Marketing Team

Companies get work done through their teams in various departments. A motivated team of people with the right knowledge, energy and skills can accomplish anything they’ve set their minds on. Leaders, according to weekdone.com, make several mistakes that see them lose their top talent. Therefore, marketing leaders should reflect on their behaviors and solve the mistakes, atop motivating their team members to boost performance. Despite putting in place efficient systems and a working budget, companies still need people to get things done. However, keeping your marketing team excited and engaged about their work is a challenge at all levels of leadership. This is where becomes necessary to create a motivation strategy for your team.

The daily grind of work can easily bog down even the most passionate members of your team, causing them to lose motivation. You must understand why people lose motivation and how to overcome such challenges to create a winning motivation strategy bound to keep your team engaged and enthusiastic. Here are a few tips to keep your marketing team motivated and inspired:

  1. Emphasize on sharing of knowledge

Foster a culture of innovation through ongoing growth and learning, things you should include in your business’ core values. Your team is bound to develop more ideas, the more they’re exposed to this kind of culture. Share a knowledge-based podcast or book relevant to marketing with your team to keep its members inspired. Alternatively, organize regular lunch events and invite marketing experts to talk to your team or train members on specific topics. Empower your team members to push their limits and break from comfort zones and easily predictable ideas in an environment that encourages ongoing learning.

  1. Explain the “why”

Your marketing team members should understand their roles and what it takes to complete them. They also need to understand the “why” of the equation to stay motivated. Communicate your project’s general vision to team members and ensure it’s consistently at the forefront through regular communication. As a result, team members are bound to deeply appreciate their tasks and roles in a team. When well-embraced and properly understood, team members enjoy working even on the most mundane of jobs.

  1. Develop a culture of collaboration

Give your members a sense of project ownership to keep them motivated to finish their tasks. Create a culture of collaboration to ensure that everyone’s opinions or ideas are expected, welcome and given a listening ear. This can keep your team engaged on the project. When team members give their input anywhere at the start or in the middle of a project, they’re likely to follow it through to its completion. They’re also motivated to offer their best when working on allocated tasks. This is attributed to the sense of pride and ownership of the project.

  1. Give rewards and recognition

Offer appropriate recognition and rewards to your team members when they pitch great ideas. Applaud members of your team who go beyond the expected to get their tasks done. Develop a recognition program or give compliments to motivate your team to continue working on the project. A few words of gratitude can a long way in motivating your team. Show your appreciation to the deserving individual without waiting until the marketing project comes to an end. Give credit or show gratitude for clever ideas, late nights, etc. Explore valid innovative ideas put forward by your team members. They’ll continue brainstorming if their ideal fail to work.

  1. Set realistic yet challenging goals for your team

Challenging goals can help your team grow both at a personal or individual and team level. Each team member gets the chance to work beyond their usual limits. Recharge individuals who are stuck in their daily routines with tight deadlines and occasional special projects. They’ll discover a new sense of working together, different ways of doing so, or even hone new skills you’ll find handy when working on other projects. Create and set realistic yet challenging project goals that your team can easily achieve. This gives your team an encouraging and motivating experience.

  1. Provide opportunities for growth and development

Allow your team to learn something new and keep their jobs exciting. Offer them opportunities to grow and develop through ongoing training. This will ensure that individuals in your team continue to improve their skills. Group training allows your team members to develop new connections and bond with each other. There’s excitement and motivation when individuals bring new skills back to the project team and work environment.

  1. Make the work environment conducive

Apart from motivating your team to work, it’s also important to create a conducive work environment. Allow for breaks in between jobs to keep your team excited. You can provide indoor gaming facilities to keep your team engaged. Consider ping pong because it will be hours of fun in playing ping pong table in your entertainment room and it improve the mood of your team which will lead to better working relationship. Marketing leaders must also ensure that team member treat each other with lots of respect. Make sure that your work environment is motivating and inspiring for all employees. Create a friendly culture and design an inviting workspace to make sure your team is comfortable when working.


You can motivate and inspire your marketing team in various ways. Appreciate individuals for good work and show gratitude for those who go beyond the expected to get their tasks done. Create a growth and development program and offer ongoing training to help your team hone their skills. The most valuable resource in any organization is its employees. Therefore, investing in your team is bound to give invaluable returns.