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[Style Post] Printed Proper

September 2, 2015 • By

Figuring out how to wear prints to work is an art and a science. Mixing prints is an entirely different skill set I will elaborate on another day. But, prints are an easy way to improve an otherwise boring look. There are only so many work-appropriate silhouettes to choose from. Stepping away from traditional solid colors like black, navy and beige, allow you to express your personal style.

When I attend conferences, especially if I am a speaker, I try to wear something that speaks to my personal brand. My goal is always to look credible, but still fashionable, youthful and like a risk taker. A little subtle drama is good for your wardrobe.


3 Reasons Why Instagram Entrepreneurs Fail

September 1, 2015 • By

If you’ve watched my Get Unstuck webinar on personal branding basics, you heard me give some tough love advice, to a rising group, on the ‘gram: instagram entrepreneurs or instapreneurs. What is an instapreneur, you ask? The person who thinks they can build a business solely by creating a separate Instagram page and a “business” gmail account. They have no digital identity, no personal brand, and no interest in doing anything more than crowding our feeds with low quality before-and-after pictures. (Was that shade? A little.) Now, I’m not knocking you Herbalife coaches, It Works people, weavepreneurs and rookie boutique owners. Do you boo-boo, do you.

However, I would be remissed if I didn’t shed some light on the things that can be done better to build a more profitable and credible long-term business. I’ve only been consulting for 5 years and had my LLC for 4, so I will own up to the fact that I don’t know everything about everything. Nonetheless, this journey has allowed me to learn some important lessons about longevity and help others do the same. If you have no interest in being in business past a few months or a couple years, then stop reading, you’ll be alright. If you want to stop being stagnant, keep reading to see if these are things you haven’t considered before. #ThankMeLater


16 LinkedIn Mistakes You Need to Stop Making


[Style Post] Heat Survival

August 26, 2015 • By

The heat waves and humidity this summer have been nothing short of disrespectful, but I’m grateful to not be wearing Ugg boots nonetheless. I have been struggling with figuring out what to wear to work and on the weekends that would allow me to be comfortable, professional, and cool at the same time. Luckily, I have been to Dubai, so if I could survive the desert, I can survive a summer in NYC.

It’s time to #BringComfyBack!