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Guess What? A Website Is Not A Personal Brand

October 5, 2015 • By

This week, my inbox has been flooded with emails and texts about creating a personal website. After my Get UnStuck webinar, it seems that back to school fever has hit, and everyone is ready to finally start getting their brand in order. That’s great and all, but you may just be doing this whole branding thing backwards.

You cannot build a personal website if you have no content to put on it. That means, a professional biography, blog posts, videos, photos, portfolio pieces, a clear niche, and brand value proposition. These are just a few of the key ingredients that you need to have set before you start picking out website layouts and templates.

Why? A website is simply the packaging to deliver your expertise. Although an important brand tool, it is a waste of time and money if it isn’t effective. Instead of running off to create a website right away, think about using the following tools to build your brand first.

1. Linkedin Profile
Your Linkedin profile is the number one underrated tool to attract opportunities online. Point blank period. A personal website needs to have traffic driven to it, but on Linkedin you already have an audience of people who already exist on the platform. Too many young professionals neglect this tool because of pure laziness or ignorance to its power. Either way, September is the month to get your profile complete and together.

2. Medium
Starting to blog? Similar to Linkedin, Medium already has a built-in platform of people ready and willing to consume your content. Begin publishing your posts on this platform, while you build your site. Later on, you can copy them over to your personal site so you have information available when you launch. Why wait to have a website to begin sharing your expertise?

3. Social media channels
Success is about building relationships. Your social media channels are your handshake to the world. Instead of live-tweeting Love and Hip Hop, posting memes on Instagram and watching others on Periscope, use these channels as a way for people to know, like and trust you.

As I mentioned on the Get Unstuck webinar, the last thing you want to do is launch a website and its just crickets. No one reads, no one visits, shares or likes. Yikes. You have to be diligent about building your community, before you launch a site, so that you have people who are excited to read and share.

I hosted this workshop last week. It came with a workshop workbook, and a 2-hour training. It was candid, interactive, and the feedback was amazing. Some attendees watched it TWICE! Check out #TBMClass hashtag to see what they said. This workshop will help you think through what personal branding is and what it isn’t, so that you can prioritize the things that matter. You can get it here.

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Why Successful Entrepreneurs + Freelancers Invest in Conferences

October 4, 2015 • By

You have heard the saying your network is your networth, right? Have you ever stopped to think how intentional you are about building your network? I listened to my friend Raevyn Jones‘ periscope on how to attract premium high-paying clients. (I keep trying to tell y’all about this periscope thing, but I digress.) As she was talking, a light bulb went off. If you continue to try to build your network at the free local events, you’re not going to meet people willing to purchase from you. Duh! Right?  Why hadn’t I thought about it before?

I’ve been there. Whether I’ve spoken at or attended a free or low-cost event, I’ve found that generating new business and leads from these kinds of events is hard. Perhaps they aren’t looking to invest in anything at this time because of budget, or they just don’t know what they need. Nonetheless, if you want to make money, you need to go where the right leads are. And by the right leads, I mean people who are crystal clear on what they need to accomplish to be successful and where the gaps that hinder them are. Successful entrepreneurs and freelancers attend conferences, and often expensive ones at that, because that’s where their target market is.



What is Periscope and Why You Need to Get On It

October 1, 2015 • By

If you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with Periscope. I’m still in shock when I mention it and get a blank stare from bloggers, freelancers, business owners and consultants. Do you know the kind of opportunity that you are missing out on? It’s still a relatively new platform that not a lot of people don’t know how to leverage. But let me put it into perspective for you. It took Instagram almost 3 months to get its first million users. Periscope did that in 10 days. Four months after launching, the app had 10 million accounts and people watching 21 million minutes of live-streaming a day. That’s equivalent to 45 years, people. Stop reading this and download it now. Then follow me. (Shameless plug, whatever.)

The platform has exploded within the last 6 weeks, right on time for the recent Periscope Summit in NYC. Don’t have FOMO though, I’m going to share all the deets from the summit below. In addition, I wanted to share periscope tips on how businesses, bloggers, and media personalities can thrive on the live-streaming app and take engagement to completely new levels.


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[Style Post] White is Still Right

September 30, 2015 • By

We all know that Labor Day is the unofficial death of summer. Yes, I had to get really dramatic just now because I’m a tab bit sad that it’s over. Where did the time go? As the bikinis and flip flops get packed away for fall, so do our white jeans and dresses. But why? I wasted a solid 20 minutes of my life trying to find us both an answer while watching Orange is the New Black. Ton of websites and none gave me a clear answer, so I am going to assume someone made it up. I am not ready to put away my white pants just yet. Here is how I fallify them.


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Personal Brands We Love: Alechia Reese, The Millennial Voice

September 29, 2015 • By

Alechia, Alechia, Alechia. So amazing I had to type her name three times. The Alechia Reese and I met in Miami a few years ago after being connected through a mutual friend, and in true girlboss fashion have consistently supported one another through multiple endeavors. A mother, branding expert, media personality and talent, professional speaker and non-profit foundation runner, there really isn’t an area of entertainment and marketing that Alechia hasn’t mastered. What I love about Alechia is she is the true example  of “work in silence and let success make the noise.” She may not have the largest social media following or accumulate thousands of likes in a matter of hours, but her work speaks for itself. The partnerships she’s developed, the brands that she’s represented and the results she’s gotten for her clients, proves that a large following isn’t indicative of success. In this PBWL feature, we get a glimpse into the world of this amazing woman. Keep reading!