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[Style Post] Heat Survival

August 26, 2015 • By

The heat waves and humidity this summer have been nothing short of disrespectful, but I’m grateful to not be wearing Ugg boots nonetheless. I have been struggling with figuring out what to wear to work and on the weekends that would allow me to be comfortable, professional, and cool at the same time. Luckily, I have been to Dubai, so if I could survive the desert, I can survive a summer in NYC.

It’s time to #BringComfyBack!



Why Y’all Need to Stop Hating on Millennials

August 25, 2015 • By

When I hear these millennial stereotypes in the workplace, I immediately think of Malala and Mark Zuckerberg. Young people are credible and capable, yet, we are either patronized or undermined by older generations. Perhaps, because that’s how we’ve been socialized. Throughout our childhood, we were reminded to respect and listen to our elders, solely based on the fact that they were alive longer.

While in college, I became aware of how age could distort the perception that clients and my audience had of me. As I continued to build my brand, it would also affect their view on my competence to run a business. So I kept my age really vague, always referring to myself as a “20-something year old” to avoid saying 22. Years later, I let my guard down. I mentioned my age during a presentation, and all those feelings as a young 20-something came flooding back. Would they respect me less; would I lose the authority I worked so hard to build with people so much older than me? I think it ended up working out, because my work spoke for itself.


Ada rojas gypsy in the city
Personal Brand Profiles

Personal Brands We Love: Ada Rojas, Latina Blogging Extraordinaire

August 20, 2015 • By

I have this obsession with Latina bloggers and have always been intrigued with how they are masters at being perfect all of the time. From the outfits, to the makeup, to the lifestyle, they always seem so well put together yet out of reach. So when I met Ada at my Command Con event in June, I felt like I had met my long lost big sister or something and I was pleasantly surprised. We chatted over drinks about everything from our love lives to the industry and she dropped some amazing knowledge. Having worked with brands like Shea Moisture, Pantene, Olay and Stoli Vodka just to name a few, Ada has been able to leverage her site Gypsy in the City into a strong and recognizable brand.

Known for her great sense of style, love for beauty, and gypsy like soul, Ada created GypsyintheCity.com in 2009 to fill the Latina void in the blogosphere. With hard work, determination, and her undeniable charisma, Ada has been able to attract a following and encourage her readers to welcome change with open arms like a true gypsy. Below she share what’s she’s learned in building her brand and how she asked for (and got) a job that she loves.


Maxi Skirt for Work

[Style Post] Split Decisions

August 19, 2015 • By

I recently read that women usually shop more for office attire. That wasn’t surprising because we spend most of our days at work. But, I’ve found that without a good tailor, a lot of work clothes  just don’t fit the same way that casual clothes do. So, I’ve abandoned the idea of shopping at stores like New York & Co, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, and typical places where I would buy business attire. Instead, I have just been using classic pieces that can transition from work to play and vice versa. I hate when I can’t find something to wear on a Saturday because all I have are pencil skirts and blazers. I’ve made it a point to get better at shopping for what I like to call timeless transitional pieces like this maxi skirt that you can wear for work.